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The Philosophy Club has appreciated all of the thoughtful responses from the campus community during this semester. As things come to a close, we wish all a peaceful holiday, and look forward to discussion get-togethers with Philosophy Club in the spring: Thursdays @ N-period in LVH 104.What follows is a previously unprinted response to the first question we asked in Think Tank this semester, “Are you happy with your life, and why?”

Why I Hate to Lose My Hat
Growing up, I didn’t have many toys. I played in the sandbox using my
fingers. It was a step up when I found a couple of clothespins. Then
one day, two carved wooden figures magically appeared: an old man
clasping his hands and an old woman wearing a red kerchief. I was so

Through a hole in the wire fence and up the winding path lived a friend
who possessed articulated figures, a cap gun, and Walt Disney comic
books. We were only allowed Classic comics. Although I enjoyed playing
at his house, I always suffered the not-good-enough blues on the walk
home. By the time I was back in my room, I was thoroughly depressed.

It was a lesson that is with me still. So I drive a bucket of bolts; it
gets me there. So I live in a modest house; it’s mine and I like being
there. So I’m a part-time teacher; I love Castleton and the students
here. So I’m a so-so parent; I adore the young man my son is becoming.
I’m so lucky. Want what you have.

-Burnham Holmes

Have a meaningful break everyone!

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