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Almost midway through the month of December. Aside from the few snowflakes that dust the ground once a week, it’s not looking like we’re going to have white holidays anytime soon. Can we blame it on Global Warming? Or is it just a fluke? I was under the impression that a rainy summer guarantees a snowy winter. But so far we just got soaked from June to August only to have a brisk, November-like December to show for it.

Anyone else feel a little cheated? I certainly do. Time and time again we fill our heads with false hopes of a snow day, simply because the Doplar Radar indicates a front is moving in.

What’s going to happen now is the classic story for every year. We’ll say our goodbyes after the semester ends, and while we’re enjoying our break, we’ll get blizzards and snow squalls that blanket the earth and force us to enjoy the warmth of our homes.

It never fails.

I think we obsess so much about the ‘snow day’ because it reminds us of our childhood. It’s something that has stayed with us since our educational journeys began.

Every year we hope for at least one. Just one day in which we can venture out into the fresh powder and explore the winter wonderland around us.

Of course, snow for the holidays wouldn’t be so bad either. If we’re going to be cooped indoors with family and loved ones, we should at least be able to gaze out the window together and appreciate one of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

I can remember, back in the day, when it would snow from November to March, on and off, creating a new playground each day. Progressively, throughout the years, it seems like we’ve gotten less and less snow. Coming from a state south of beautiful Vermont, I expected the snowfall to double, or at least start a little earlier than what I had been used to.

No, that wasn’t the case.

We waited, and eventually, flakes quietly dusted the cars and littered the roads. Countless times we would watch the news, and expect a closing or a delay. And countless times we’ve had our hopes shot down. Storms were never as big as the meteorologists claimed them to be, and the accumulation was never has high as expected.

The time frame for which the sky opens up seems to vary from year to year. The only predictable thing is that it’s unpredictable.

Sometimes it snows, sometimes it doesn’t. Bottom line, we have no control no matter how much we wish we did. It makes me wonder if there will come a winter where we have no snow at all.

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