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Produced by Erik KapitanEver wanted to just escape reality and live within an alternate world that is made up in your head?

It may seem like the ultimate getaway for some people, but it could also turn to disaster.

This seemed to be the questions that ran through my mind after view Eric Kapitan’s film, “Thoughts”.

The main character, Ethan, lives a dark and depressing existence. He lovesa girl he can’t get. His ladie’s man roommate mistreats every woman he is with and yet the ladies just keep crawling back for more. The only person he hangs out with his childhood friend who spent the bulk of their youth taunting him. And to top it all off, the girl that he remains devoted to is the new lust target for his roomie.

With actions like this summing up your life, who wouldn’t want to build themselves a better life in their head, because at least in his mind something will go right for him.

This is the feeling I was left with after watching this movie that was written, edited and directed by Kapitan.

The movie does a good job of making the viewer guess whether the scene we are watching is reality or if it is just imagination. You are left second guessing whether the whole thing was just a dream or if it is mostly reality. It makes you think more about the storyline and whichever point of view you take on it, can completely change the outlook of the film. You get to decide how you want the story to really end.

It is a very well done student film. Kapitan’s passion shines through in the story and in the completed movie.

It is obvious that he has a very right future in the cinematic world ahead of him.

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