Time to graduate

You may have recently seen seniors who are smiling bigger than ever, possibly having a real good time in the dorms now that their time to move on has come.Justin Schwartz screamed, “Woo hoo!” when talking about his departure into the real world. He seemed extremely excited to graduate, but was also indifferent on leaving Castleton.

“It is scary but in a cool way,” Schwartz said. “I am going to miss the business department, especially Deb Danfourth.”

He is not the only one who is scared about what is going to happen on the other side of the graduation march.

“Oh my god where did the four years go? This is scary because you have no idea what you are getting into,” Dale Gray said.

Gray said that she is really nervous because of the troubled economy is and especially now that she will have student loans entering repayment soon.

And while she may be nervous, she is glad that she got the experience here at Castleton.

“The best thing I took away from Castleton was the social experience. Everyone is a potential friend,” said Gray after explaining that her graduating [high school?] class had only 30 people in it.

Jennifer Kleptz also took a big part in the social aspect of college.

“I am ready to be done with the school work part, but I am really going to miss my friends,” said Kleptz. She will be missing her friends so much that she has decided to move to Fair Haven next year.

“Finding out that I was going to graduate for sure was really exciting, but it also freaked me out a little bit,” said Kleptz.

It seems that many seniors have the same idea when it comes to how they feel about leaving the place that they just spent four years of their lives. Hopefully the real world isn’t as scary as they anticipate and all goes well for them.

Also good luck to all of those who are graduating.

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