The Dynamic Duo

If one were to set foot in Ellis hall they would be greeted by many different characters and faces of the campus community. But of the students who live there currently, few are quite as interesting and unique as the freshman duo of Ethan Garhartt and Asher Chaffin.Hailing from Bennington, the pair of best friends since seventh-grade has become two of the most well established figures that reside within the hall and are perhaps two of the most cherished people of the class of 2012.

Garhartt, a well-built individual with a reputation for his famous bear hugs, is by every measure of his being someone who brings instant happiness to those who meet him. Majoring in history, he plans to receive his teaching license and teach secondary education.

Quite often he can be found in his room and can be heard before you even get there, singing along to a never-ending set list on his computer of jazz, alternative, folk, and so on.

“Karaoke all the way! I love music and want more!” Garhartt remarks happily.
Though Ethan is a dedicated and quite talented video gamer who is rarely ever found away from a computer screen or X-box controller, his passion lies somewhere else entirely — in his poetry.

“I was really bad at English in school. So my dad told me I should try writing poetry to improve my grammar. I ended up liking it so much that I decided to keep with it,” he said.

Garhartt now has numerous writings ready to be compiled into his own book that he would like to have published.

And rarely far from Garhartt is his counterpart, Asher Chaffin.

Also an avid video gamer and huge anime fan, Chaffin frequents the volleyball court daily and seemingly never runs out of energy to spare when it comes to being around other people.

Having a pension for adding the word “ladies” to the ends of his sentences — even if no women are present at the time — only serves to add to his Ellis hall reputation of being a “man’s man” who is liked by almost everyone.

His sporadic and easy-going nature seems almost contradictory of his future plans of attending law school and working for a firm, especially after viewing his most recent performance in the Intro to Dancing recital.

It was there that Chaffin dawned a spandex unitard and lipstick to perform to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” with four other men.

In another excursion he dressed as Goku from the hit anime series “Dragonball” to attend the showing of the live-action film.
Freshman Linna MacLeod, who lives down the hall from the pair, reminisces about her first year spent with the duo.

“Ethan is like a giant teddy bear and Asher is the one of my favorite people to be around ‘cuz he’s so much fun,” MacLeod said. “I don’t think I would have had as good of a first year if they weren’t around.”

Indeed, great things are yet in store for the pair as they anxiously await their sophomore year at Castleton. Garhartt will be taking his post as a CA in Castleton hall next year and despite the move, the two friends plan on keeping their weekly Dungeons & Dragons games going and seem uninhibited by their change of scenery.

“Asher plans on following me around in his boxers when I do rounds in Castleton,” Garharrt said. “Honestly, I expect nothing less.

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