Special thanks to the Castleton community

This academic year is almost over and the time to go home has almost arrived. In this period of time we have experienced many wonderful things at Castleton State College and in the United States. We will never forget all these great experiences and we will always remember the people who made them possible.We would like to thank all of the Castleton community for the wonderful year we have spent here. It’s difficult to say goodbye after a fantastic year of working and studying at Castleton. Since we arrived, everybody was friendly and helpful to us. So much so that leaving all our Castleton affections behind will be a hard step to take.

We can’t leave Castleton without thanking our teachers Prof. John Gillen (Effective Speaking), Prof. Richard Reardon (Behavioral Challenges) Prof. Luther Brown (Human Sexuality) Prof. William Frey (Seminar in addictions), Prof. Deborah Waggett (Instructional Applications of Computers), Prof. Drennan Spitzer (British Detective Fiction) and Prof. Andrew Alexander (Expository and Argumentative Writing). Thanks for your sense of humor, knowledge, and patience. We grew up enormously both personally and professionally thanks to your inspiring and motivating classes. We think that Castleton students are extremely lucky to have such an amazing faculty staff ready to help and support them any time they need.

We also want to thank the Huden and Coffee Cottage staff for the great work they have done for us. We will miss your smoothies and your great sense of humor and daily predisposition to be kind to everybody. Huden would not have been the same without the presence of Dora, Mary, Nancy, Pat and Scott.

We appreciate all the help from the Spanish community. We are grateful to Alison Welch and David Stephenson for everything they have done for the Spanish club and the radio.

Thanks to all the students who participated in the Spanish table and dance classes. Thanks to Rob Bromley who was always helping us with the dance classes and motivating people to attend them all the time. Thanks to Mel and Darla Patch who have become a second family to us.

We really enjoyed being part of the Spanish Department. We are surprised how well Castleton students speak Spanish and the high interest they have in the Hispanic cultures. They are highly motivated students who are always willing to work harder in order to be better Spanish speakers. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the outstanding Spanish faculty staff Prof. Delma Wood and Dr. Ana Alexander.

The purpose of this letter is to give a special and warm thank to all of you and especially to Dr. Ana Alexander. Apart from being our supervisor, she has been a great mentor for us. She is an outstanding leader who is always willing to help everybody. Thank you Ana for the wonderful time we had with you, for teaching us the sky is the limit, for motivating us to continue studying and doing the best all the time, for reminding us that we have to smile to the world all the time even though not everybody will smile back, for pushing us to do things we couldn’t imagine we were able to do before, for trusting in us from the beginning to the end. Thank you for teaching us that life goes so fast and that we have to take advantage of every single moment of our lives. And the most important thing thanks to you for being our friend. We are going to miss you so much.

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