Football ready to rumble

The hype is building. The players are ready. And camp can’t come soon enough for the Spartans of the gridiron. Practicing all year really has these players chomping at the bit.The last practice before camp ended with the players coming together with hands in the air shouting “family”. It has been a long time coming, but all of the hard work is about to pay off for all of them. As they break from the huddle, you can see the excitement in every one of their faces. Camp begins Aug. 13 and the summer can’t end soon enough for these players.

“This has been a great experience so far. Next year is going to be crazy! It will be a lot of fun. I can’t wait,” said Anthony Simms, a freshman tight end. “It’s going to be a lot of fun to make some history.”

History seems to be mentioned a lot as a motivating tool for these players and it is definitely getting through to them.

“The coaches really are hammering away at the history thing, and we realize the opportunity that we have on our hands here,” said Ian Kibbe, a junior Spartan linebacker.

The opportunity Kibbe is talking about is the opportunity to win. This team is really a true team, and they realize that is what it takes to win games. The feeling of family is very apparent while watching the players joke and laugh with one another after practice and during their free time. That feeling will help this team accomplish its true goals.

“We want to win every game of course, but we are being realistic and we want a winning season. We feel a conference championship is within reach”, says Zach Wiessner, a junior lineman. “Our coaches gel well and that has helped us a lot.”
Coach and trainer Al Jean agrees with Wiessner.

“I feel we probably have the best coaches in the conference.”

Kibbe thinks that the Spartans have everything they need to have a successful first season.

“With this combination of great coaching and dedication to winning, the inaugural season for Spartan football should be a great one, not even mentioning the fact that it’s history!”

The season begins Sept. 5 at the brand new Spartan Stadium versus Ana Maria. The Spartans will look to remain unbeaten since 1787 and will look for a stadium full of support.

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