Break it Down

I know that I am supposed to ramble on about some entertainment aspect, but I think this week I would rather discuss this semester and how our campus has obtained its own Hollywood status this year. We’ve had drama, suspense, sadness, and who knows what else has happened behind closed doors.

Not to sound cliche, but we really do have some celebrities among us. After attending the Student Government Association awards ceremony this past Thursday, there is no doubt in my mind that so many of my peers’ names are going to be in the bright lights. Professors and administration normally find those excellent students and praise them, but as a peer, normally it goes in one ear and out the other.

This time around was different.

There were a lot of names that I have never heard before that were given awards, but some of the people who were recognized were students who I never would put in the academic excellence category. That sounds a lot harsher than it is meant to, but let me explain.

I was thoroughly amazed by the students who have been around me this entire time and manage to juggle a social life, an academic life, some sports lives, and volunteer work, all while maintaining high GPAs.

You still might be sitting there reading this and thinking that these people are a cut above the rest, but I think if given the right tools, everyone on this campus can achieve celebrity status here at Castleton and beyond.

I am going to now hop on the bandwagon of telling everyone how important it is to get involved in some way on campus. Whether it is simply attending events that happen, starting a club, or joining a group, it really does make your Castleton experience worth the while.

Trust me, when I came to Castleton, there was no part of me that wanted to get involved. As the years went on, friends started to graduate, and I started to wonder what was going to happen when I left Castleton. I wondered if I was going to be one of those people who no one remembered or recognized and was just a name on a paper.

I took matters into my own hands.

I joined Student Orientation Staff, became a community advisor, and became actively involved in the Spartan and the Women’s Studies Program.

I decided that I wanted to leave my mark here at Castleton and make people remember my name. Go on, call me crazy. But I’m making my dreams come true.

Make your summer count, and for those of you graduating, I’ll be waiting to write articles about all the amazing things you will all be doing.

As always,
Keep it classy Castleton,

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