11 Things I’ll Miss About Castleton

11 Things I’ll Miss About Castleton
1. Fireside Subs

Complain all you want, but when I lived on campus, there were few ways better to sober up at night than with a turkey/bacon/Cheddar/pickle sub from Fireside. Deeelish.

2. Soundings

I went to 10 of these in my first semester. I had a lot of fun at Soundings, as they opened up my freshman brain to more exotic elements of culture. Good stuff. Quit bitching about it. Gawd!

3. Beer Pong

Playing pong at home isn’t as much fun as in the dorms, when you are generally forced to remove a door from someone’s closet to make a table. I wasn’t very good at it, sure, but I learned that ping-pong balls explode under the right circumstances.

4. The Birdseye

I loved them a lot more until they started adding onions to their home fries. But still, there’s something awesomely retro about sitting in a Birdseye booth and chowing down a plate of fries and gravy.

5. Adams Hall

My home for the first two years of my college experience still holds a soft spot in the cockles of my heart. There’s just something satisfying about the way the word “douchebag” echoes down the corridors.

6. Huden

I loathed the place in the years I spent on campus, but now it makes me long for a time when I didn’t have to worry about how much food costs. Tuna fish sandwiches and Fritos every day, man.

7. Cheap Booze

I got snooty about beer and liquor once I moved off campus and became old enough to buy it. You’ll never see a can of Milwaukee’s Best or a bottle of Five O’Clock whiskey in my dwelling these days, but at one point in my life, there was nothing better.

8. Night Walks

I used to walk everywhere at night. Castleton’s got a nice, mellow, campus, perfect for strolling around with a bottle of Joe’s Half and Half from the Village Store. It’s soothing.

9. Beer Runs

Underage college kids running around dodging Public Safety with a backpack full of Bud bottles and cans clanging away with each step = priceless. Talk about a sense of victory.

10. Getting Pinched

Face it, getting caught for whatever happens to get you in trouble with the authorities is kind of exhilarating. As a college kid you can get away with a slap on the wrist for most issues. Plus it makes for a great story later on. Once you’re out of school, the The Man’s gloves REALLY come off. So get it out of your systems now.

11. The Education

In all seriousness, I owe a lot to my educational experience here at Castleton. I got to do things that I never would have been able to should I have gone somewhere else.

I could have just been another faceless number in the crowd. But I got to instead be a sort of somebody, running this little paper for a year and all. It’s been a good time.

My only regret is that I didn’t get a little more involved with things when I had the chance.

But it’s been fun. I encourage everyone still waiting to graduate to make the most of the time they have left here.

It really is a groovy kinda place.


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