Online registration gaining ground

Students these days are lining up in the registrar’s office, patiently waiting their turn to sign up for the next semester of classes. And for the people working within the Student Services office, they are prepared for the busiest time of the semester. But although there are currently about 2,000 students attending Castleton State College, the Student Services office is much less hectic than in prior years because of the magic of online registration.

“I remember my freshman year waiting in lines that started just about outside of Woodruff to go and register for classes,” said Tim Neary, a senior. “Now you just stay up till midnight and in five minutes you’re signed up and the weight is lifted knowing you’re all done with registration.”

Lines used to be the norm, but according to Lori Patten, Castleton’s registrar, they have a whole new system that allows for easier registration and it kills the lines quickly. One thing they did was to condense the whole registration period so that freshman didn’t have to wait as long.

“I hated registering freshman year. You got the leftovers as far as classes were concerned. You registered so late that everything was full . . . I remember my advisor telling me to have a few backups ready because I probably wouldn’t get into some of my first choices,” said junior Bruce Moffit.

Students seem to love the online registration, but some advisors worry that students will change their courses after they sign their card and approve them for registration.

“Some advisors don’t like it, but students can change classes no matter what. The advisors are there just to point them in the right direction,” Patten said.

Students, however, love online registration because they can avoid lines and register during times when the office is closed.
“I like registering online. I feel I wouldn’t have gotten into some courses if I didn’t stay up till midnight to do it. It gives you kind of an edge on everyone else,” said Tom Anderson, a junior this year at Castleton.

During registration in the last fall, 841 students registered online, while 677 went into the office. The percentage of students registering online is expected to increase, Patten said.

Even students who didn’t endure crazy lines like the online process.

“It was real easy going to the office. I walked right in and met with someone immediately, but registering online eliminates the trip down. I’d probably prefer that,” said Kevin Davis, a senior.
“I just wish you didn’t have to be approved by advisors and eliminate that step as well,”

As registration began, you could hear the constant conversations among students, asking each other which classes are good, which are easy, or if the professor is tough.

You also saw people carrying the registration cards around frantically trying to schedule that last minute advising appointment hoping to get approved to register.

But even with online registration, workers in the office say registration time is still super busy.

“If you wanna write something about this office, write that it’s the craziest office ever,” said Administrative Assistant Tina Betit.

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