Fire on Rte 4A past Castleton corners

Castleton, VT — At approximately 7:00 pm on April 16, a call was placed to the Castleton Fire Department, by a witness to a fire on Rte 4A in Bomoseen, said authorities. The witness, previously a first responder for Castleton, was at Roxie’s grill when she saw a man hanging out the window of the residential home between Roxie’s and the state police headquarters. She noticed that the window had burst, and she immediately contacted authorities. While waiting for their arrival, she said she calmed the victim, assuring his safety.

The first response units arrived on the scene after receiving a call detailing a structure fire. By the time they arrived, the fire had completely involved the back unit of the home, said authorities. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this point in time, authorities said. The fire rescue squad is on the scene securing the premises and assuring that there is no extension to the fire, said authorities.

The homeowner was in the back of the house when the fire began. He was safely rescued from the home, as was the family dog. The homeowner’s wife, who was not present during the fire, said she returned home shortly after the fire department arrived on the scene. The names of the victim and his wife are undisclosed at this time.

The male victim left the scene in an ambulance, and is being taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke and heat exposure. The dog is on the way to the vet to be treated for smoke and heat exposure as well, said authorities.

(Video footage from the scene will be available as soon as processing is complete)

(*correction to the date has been made – editing error)

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