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David W. Jacobsen is an independent singer/songwriter from Jersey City, NJ. He’s been self-recording albums since 1995 and has just recently released his second solo CD, “Walking away from Wonderland.””Wonderland’s” release planted another batch of acoustic-folk roots into the music industry. His sound carries a somewhat medieval tune – I had already imagined vast landscapes of castles in the Middle Ages at the start of the first track. His acoustic-folk-rock guitar style backs his deep, Tracy Chapman-esque voice. Jacobsen claims the lyrics – honest, humorous, and reminiscent – reflect his personality.

In an interview with Waterfront Weekly, he spoke about the content of his lyrics – stories in themselves. Many of the songs tell of the past – people coming and going – the process by which people deal with it. His lyrics contain a certain relatability. He adds casual humor to seemingly serious psychological topics – making the heavy seem light.

“I tend to romanticize the past,” Jacobsen said.

He captures the essence and humor of an ended relationship in track two, “Best Thing You Ever Did.” It’s a catchy tune, light on the mind, heavy on the heart.

Track five is my personal favorite – extremely catchy chorus, nice build rhythmically, excellent lyrics, and likely the best song on the album.

In his attempt to create a very streamlined album with consistent style, he’s succeeded. However, the tempo changes very little through the course of the album and becomes a bit redundant by the eighth track. And although his lyrics are potent, I found myself somewhat distracted by the depth and pitch of his voice.

Variety is not overrated – I’d like to see this album mixed up a bit. There are some great qualities in the effortlessness of his guitar skills and the unforgettable lyrical timeline. I’ll look forward to his next release; third time is a charm!

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