Castleton prepares to get Extreme tonight

Castleton is holding an event for those students in need of fulfilling two graduation standards, the Quantitative Reasoning and the Information Literacy assessments today. The dual event, dubbed the Assessment Extreme, will be held tonight and each exam will run back to back. The Assessment Extreme is free of charge and is not limited to just taking tests.

The testing extravaganza will take place in the Stafford Academic Center in room 139. There will be Bingo sponsored by the Student Government Association as well as free food and raffles with prizes.

The evening will kick off with Bingo at 8 p.m. and continue on into the Quantitative Reasoning exam, followed by a break for food. After that there will be a raffle and then end with the Information Literacy Assessment beginning at 11 p.m.

The hope of the event is to make a stressful examination period more enjoyable and relaxing for the students. The atmosphere of this event is more laid back and designed for more fun and to relax the pencil gnawing jitters of a standardized test.

While there are two assessments being held on one day, students are allowed to register for only one of the graduation standards instead of both. Deadline for registration for the even ended yesterday, and the first 100 students registered for the occasion will be receiving free “Assessment Extreme: Are You Spartan Enough?” tee shirt.

The event is designed so that the students are able to kill two birds with one stone. The planning and coordination of taking and passing these graduation requirements can be somewhat of a hassle and now students on the verge of graduation can rest assured that they will have taken both.

“It’s a great idea to have them both so you can get them out of the way, and who doesn’t love free food?” Susan Katchmar, a CSC junior, said.

The event is the second of its kind in Castleton history. The first annual Assessment Extreme brought in 60 students and the number of registrants this year has already surpassed that total.

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