Castleton prepares for Relay for Life

According to, “One in every three people will be diagnosed with a type of cancer in their lifetime.” This is a powerful statistic that some students at Castleton are deciding to do something about.Relay For Life is a part of the American Cancer Association that works with groups around the nation towards the fight against cancer.

In hopes of making a difference, a relay is going to be taking place on the Castleton campus on the evening of April 18 and 19 from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

“People form teams to fundraise with before the relay and then to walk with on the night of the relay,” said Hillary Greenfield, a member of the Relay For Life committee.

Each team member pays a minimum of $10 to start and then raises as much as they can to reach their personal goal.

Some of you might remember last year’s relay, when the campus was “painted purple” with purple bows and signs representing cancer awareness.

Nicole Parker, a junior at Castleton, is the head chair and organizer for this year’s event.

“Our goal is $250,000,” said Parker when talking about how much money she wants to be raised. “So far we have 20 teams (returning) from last year.”

Parker earlier this year had gathered a 10-member group of students to be a part of the relay for life committee for the Castleton, Fair Haven, and Poultney area.
Each member holds a different position that they are responsible for such as recruiters, event organizers, and entertainment organizers.

Heather Spain was a committee member from last year’s relay and shows passion again this year by taking on many responsibilities and trying to get people involved.

“We need a lot of involvement from students and faculty,” Spain said. “That’s what makes Castleton a community.”

Music, food, and several competitions are going to be provided for people who attend the 12-hour fundraiser.

Each group who joins the relay online will have their own site set up with their team name and activities of their choice.
This year has been a different kind of challenge in getting things organized for the relay due to all the construction on campus and working with a new area coordinator. With the renovations the committee has had to relocate where the relay is going to take place.

The team just recently decided to hold the relay and events on the lawn in front of Woodruff Hall using the Fine Arts Center for indoor accommodations.

Many members hope this won’t keep people from attending the event.

“The relay is a great fundraiser for a good cause,” Greenfield said. “It is something that can be a lot of fun and can be a memorable experience.”

If you would like to take part in Castleton’s Relay For Life you can join or form a team online at
You can also contact Castleton’s head chair on the committee at

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