Sub wars

It was a large grinder roll, and it had it all. A nice thin layer of mayonnaise, a 3-inch thick portion of cajun turkey, cheddar cheese with bacon melted in it, lettuce and onions. It could barely fit inside the mouth eating it. This was no $5 footlong, but a sub sandwich from Castleton Corners Deli & Citgo. Tim Keller, the Deli & Citgo owner, won the title of best sub sandwich in the area in a 50 student survey. The Deli took home 26 out of the 50 votes, beating Gills and Subway combined.

“We realize you guys are not made of money. You’re in school, you don’t have a lot of money,” said Keller. “We give the most bang for your buck. Business isn’t about making a million dollars. Sometimes making $1.50 is as good as making $2.”

Keller only serves Boar’s Head cold cuts in his deli, saying no other place has it.
“It’s the only thing I eat,” Keller said of Boar’s Head meat products. “Number one rule in business is don’t serve something you wouldn’t eat yourself.”

Most Citgo & Deli voters said the meat index was a huge factor in their choice over Gill’s. But interestingly enough, most Gill’s voters said the meat index at the Deli was the reason they stay away. They said the Citgo subs were enough for two sandwiches. Other voters didn’t care about the meat index.

“Fresh meat, fresh products, family owned. You know they put 100 percent into every sandwich,” said Jeff Giegler, a Castleton senior, about Gill’s.

Gill’s and Citgo definitely stand as heavy weights in the ring, as well as Subway and Quizno’s. But a dark horse that only few know about is Kappy’s in West Rutland.

“The bread is homemade and tastes so amazing,” said Anthony Camillone, a Castleton Junior. “I would highly recommend it.”

Joining Kappy’s as another hidden gem is the Depot Deli on Castleton Main Street. Amber Bergeron, a Castleton Sophomore, said if you haven’t been there yet then you don’t know.

David Foote, a Castleton senior, said Noonies Deli in Middlebury was worth the trip for a delicious sub. It may be a half hour drive but the fresh slabs of bread alone will keep you coming back, according to Foote.

Students like Nick Bennett might not have a favorite grinder location. Bennett, a Castleton sophomore, doesn’t go to Gill’s, or Citgo, and does not partake on any footlong no matter what it’s worth.

“I don’t get subs around here, I’m a China City kind of guy,” Bennett said.

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