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“I was sitting in science class and to my surprise, I felt my pants suddenly becoming warm and wet.” “I looked behind me to see that four boys from my class had inserted a small funnel into my exposed butt crack, and were pouring the melted butter from the experiment into that area.”

This clip came from what seems to be the new addiction Internet site called On this website people write humiliating things that happen to them throughout the day.

Most students have Web sites they frequently check during the day. Most of those sites are generally more personal in nature, such as Myspace and Facebook.
Students on the Castleton campus seem to have a favorite site, as mostly seem to favor Facebook.

But there are execptions.

“I hate Facebook,” said Castleton student Amy Morse. “But I like the people on it and that is why I use it.”

Morse prefers Web sites with more entertainment value, with her favorite site being iGoogle.

With iGoogle, users are able to create their own personalized home page, adding links to local weather, games, national news and more.

Two other entertainment purpose sites that seem to have arisen recently are and

A CSC student who would like to remain anonymous because of the fear of intense Internet goers who are protective of what sites are spread, said these Web sites were fun and entertaining.

These sites detail mess-ups in everyday life. Failblog is mostly pictures and videos of things that go ridiculously wrong.

Engrish is a website that makes fun of the translations between English and some Asian languages through photos of signs.

Castleton freshman Amanda Malony likes Youtube, a video-sharing site familiar to those heavily in the cyber world. Youtube offers users hours of entertainment, by watching video clips on anything and everything.

But how do these Web sites become found? When asking around it seems as if most come from Facebook.

The bumper sticker application on Facebook advertises these sites. The bumper stickers are either about the sites or are photos from the sites with the names of the site in the corner.

These sites have become addicting to many people, as they offer good laughs or something that makes them feel better about their lives.

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