CSC elects new SGA

More than 400 students turned out to vote in student elections held March 17-19, as the campus elected a new set of Student Government Association officials.Sophomores Justin Garritt and Stephanie Kopko were elected to be president and executive vice president, respectively.
Each winner made it a point to say that they are going to change things for the better in the SGA. Garritt’s list of proposed changes was long and he plans for a bright future for the SGA.

Motivation seemingly comes in large supply for the president-elect.

“Some efforts I hope to pursue (include) adding a community service committee that will give more resources to students . . . creating better ways to use our sustainability budget . . . creating a larger club budget so our clubs have more resources . . . helping link the Student Athlete Advisory Committee to the SGA . . . and so much more,” Garritt said.

Kopko is excited to be in her new position and emphasized change as well. The computer information systems major said she wants to push for progression online.

“I’m hoping to keep up the website, redesign it,” she said. “Hopefully we’ll even have our voting online.”

Nyamah Thomas, also a sophomore, is the new vice president of activities, and will be in charge of the activities on campus.
Thomas wants to get more student input. In the past, “people planned events based on what they felt we needed, as opposed to what we wanted,” she said.

Thomas intends to create polls to get more student input and hear student opinion of which events to hold and which entertainers to bring in. Attendance to campus events has been a point of concern over the past few years and will be one of her most prominent challenges.

But student input, she feels, is key, and she is confident.

“If more students have a say in it, more students will attend,” Thomas said.
Becca Merrow, a junior, will be starting her second term as treasurer and enjoys her job running the finance board, which is no small responsibility.

“(The board) decides how much money each club gets, I report that back to congress, keep track of what’s spent,” Merrow said.
In the coming year, Merrow plans to incorporate a new program to keep better track of funds.

Dana Pulkinen was elected secretary and will be in charge of getting information about the SGA out to students.

Junior Jazmin Averbuck was elected to the Just Activities Committee chair, and is in charge of bringing music onto the campus.

Tony Bessette, Stacia Bucknell, Laura Thomas and Tari Robinson were the four delegates elected.

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