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October has finally ended certainly faster than expected. Halloween has concluded, pumpkins have been carved and smashed, costumes are no longer relevant, and November has finally begun.

Last week, I was finally able to witness my first Halloween on a college campus. Despite a lame Halloween night due to an early morning soccer game, it was still entirely pleasing to witness hundreds of college students dressed in variety of clothes, or lack of clothes, wandering around waiting to go to Flubbs.

I did have the opportunity to experience Flubbs the week prior, though. I was rather appalled by the number of people and the amount of sweat flooding the dance floor.

Following suit, Huden provided a Halloween feast, the Physical Education department put on a Halloween event for young trick-or-treaters, I dressed as a ninja-turtle, and all-in-all it was a wonderful Halloween.

Additionally with the commencement of November comes the ultimate conclusion of several fall sports seasons. Castleton will soon be entering an entirely new sports scene including ice hockey, a basketball court in the brand-new gym, and most exciting to me, the beginning of ski and snowboarding season.

Killington has finally opened for the season and many committed students ventured to Killington two weeks ago for the opening day, even despite a tiring Halloween weekend and a limited number of trails.

I have also rendered it vital that I comment on a few other things. As a freshman and a writer, I volunteered to go to the late night show at Fireside last Saturday to watch local musician Duane Carleton perform.

Upon entering the café I noticed that only two students were in attendance watching. As I sat and watched, I became not only astonished, but also concerned to see that hardly any more students entered. And unfortunately, those who did seemed to only be interested in buying food and not the actual performance.

Although the college seems to be doing a poor job advertising these performances (I knew very little of their existence) the college does provide quality entertainment. I would like to suggest to all students that you might want to check it out some weekend.

Also, as I’m sure you are all aware, we have finally discovered who our 44th president is going to be. And regardless of your political preference, I hope that you all had the opportunity to vote. This was an historical election and it was unbelievable to be a part of it, especially because it was many freshman’s first time to vote.

On that note, I hope everyone had a wonderful October. November break will be here soon enough. Make your schedules. Get your work done. Don’t party. And have a wonderful two weeks.

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