Could you survive in a co-ed suite?

Why doesn’t Castleton have co-ed suites? What’s the problem with it? Will co-ed suites ever come to Castleton? These are questions that a small group of friends living in Babcock Hall asked each other one night, as they tried to find a way for them to room closer to each other.

The more this group began to talk about the concept of a co-ed suite, the more they began to hear others from around the building say they thought it was a good idea as well.

The small group of eight began thinking up reasons to prove the idea is a good one.

“Living in a corridor-style (dorm) is basically the same thing as living in a suite,” said William Roy.

Another student noted an additional reason.

“Castleton Hall suites would be great for it because there are two sides. Each has one bathroom and two bedrooms so just put the males on one side and females on the other,” Britney Valley said.

Amelia Wilson said “if the school believes it will be a problem for freshman to do this, they should only allow it to upperclassman who have a set group of friends that would be willing to do this together and they make up their own suite.”

One of the community advisors of Babcock Hall, Kelsey agreed that it seemed like a good idea.

“Gays and lesbians can room together without any say,” she said. ‘Why can’t guys and girls be in a suite together as long as they are not in the same room, just the same suite?”

Christie Wilkerson one of Castleton’s area coordinators also gave her opinion on this subject when students brought it to her attention. She likes the idea of the possibility of co-ed suites, but there are several variables that would affect its potential.

A major variable stems from whether or not parents and faculty think it’s a good idea. It also brings in more diversity to the school, which families and students might not like.

Other issues may also arise because of it’s not seen as a traditional method of student housing, and would be difficult to just change over night.

But despite doubts, students remain hopeful.

“It’s good that students are potentially thinking critically about this,” Wilkerson said.

This group of students is trying very hard to get the word out to people so they can try to make it happen next year, also hoping those in charge of living arrangements can help them get it done.

Brittany Valley wrote an essay for her English class describing the different views of it and why it would be a good idea. Kenny McIlroy used this subject as a speech in his effective speaking class to get the word out to other students.

At the end of his speech, McIlroy asked who would be okay with having co-ed suites. Almost the entire class raised their hands, showing that a big amount of the college would love to see it happen.

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