God Sent to perform at CSC

This Thursday there will be a special performance by a rapper named Godsent. Godsent, 25, is from Mullberry, New York. Godsent got into rapping when he was 15 because of his love for music and that music is his best form of expression.

“Music is my median to get my message out there,” he said.

Most of his music is about social concerns, day-to-day feelings, politics and his neighborhood. He stated that anything could be a topic if it matters to him.

When asking what could be expected from his performance, Godsent had said to expect good music, positive energy, and for him to interact with the crowd.

He mentioned that he liked to interact with the crowd and that “once the show starts going it doesn’t stop.”

Godsent wanted to tell Castleton State College that he is “coming and definitely giving a show.”

A company called Tephlon Entertainment represents Godsent. This company works with artists who do not yet have any companies representing them. Tephlon is trying to help these artists have their dreams come true with their love for music.

Godsent’s agent says that he is currently working on a mix CD to be released as soon as it is finished recording.

But there are still ways to hear him before the show on Thursday night. Godsent currently has a sample CD out that will be available at Castleton early this week called “Where Is Godsent?” by Tephlon Entertainment.

For all of the people who have Myspace on campus here at Castleton you can get a sneak peak at the music by checking out his Myspace page at www.myspace.com/godsenttephlon. He also had some music videos on this page like one for his song “Loss for Words.”

The show seems like it will be promising and entertaining for music lovers. The performance will be on Thursday night, October 30th in the Fireside Café.

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