More parking than you think

On the campus of Castleton State College there are a total of 12 different parking lots. Two of those lots are for freshman residents; 4 of those lots are for upperclassman residents; four lots are for commuter parking, 7 of those lots are for faculty. And while that does equal 17 not 12, some of the lots overlap.
Freshman lots are the observatory lot and the one on south street, fondly nicknamed ‘Africa’. Upperclassman have a choice of both the freshman lots as well as the Castleton Hall lot, and most of the Ellis lot. Commuters have the main commuter lot, a couple rows of the campus center lot, the old chapel lot, and a couple rows of the Black Science Lot. Faculty have a row in the Campus Center lot, the Glenbrook lot, a row in the Black Science Lot, Woodruff lot, FAC lot, and a row in the Ellis lot. That’s a lot of parking spaces.
About people being parked in the wrong spots, Director of public safety Bob Godlewski says “The problem exists every year.” And there’s really no need for such a problem. On his walks around campus, Mr. Godlewski frequently notices 25-50 open spots in the south street parking lot. Students may not like to park there, but isn’t that better than getting a ticket for being parked in the wrong place?
For those students with cars, watch your email. When construction will be in a certain area, or, starting November, when there may be snow, students are required to move their cars to the appropriate places as designated in the email. Otherwise, they move the car for you and you have to foot the bill.

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