Fresh Perspectives

Well another week has past here at Castleton State College and people are becoming accustomed to living on their own. Listening to the students around the campus and around the suite, it seems like everyone feels like they have been here for longer than just a few weeks. As everyone would probably agree, we are all soaking up the atmosphere of college and enjoying just about every second of it. Forming new relationships with people we recently met and keeping in touch with most of our friends from High School may be getting a little hard for some, but it is going to happen either way. Money may also be getting tight for those of you who have not found a job on or off campus yet and trust me; I know how you feel because gas, cell phone bills, car insurance and other essentials are not cheap anymore. Just keep on plugging away looking for a job and eventually I’m sure something will turn up for you. Basically life is just not going to get that much easier for us anymore, no matter how much we may deny it, life is only going to get harder and we just have to hit life head on and say, “Watch out life. Here I come!” It’s kind of like going to class when you are doing poorly, even though you are doing badly, you still go to class and try.

A lot of kids are staying up extremely late from what I know and well that is their choice and I’m not putting anyone down because I stay up late too, but just realize that it may come back to bite you sometime. As a freshman it is hard to learn when you should go to bed as opposed to going to bed whenever you want to. Most of us are used to our parents making us go to bed at a certain time and now that we don’t have them here, we just go to bed whenever we think is right. With this being our first year away from home, we have to realize that we need to discipline ourselves or else we may never make it out of here or make it in the real world if and when we get there.

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