Erykah Badu – “New Amerykah

Erykah Badu brings a true sense of the word honesty to the table in her newest release, “New Amerykah Part One.” Her most recent efforts have solidified one soulful dish of music. “New Amerykah” is a smoky, seductive blend of funk. Her warm tone and edgy beats collaborate to form a paradise of breezy soul.

Badu steps out on a lyrical limb with this one. Each song invites the next; a bold chain of empowerment. Her message is drawn out a bit at times, though its continuity never falters. She’s more playful and conscious of her influence this time around.

Slow-paced melody, sizzling percussion, and a voice unmatched by any other artist allows for a seamless collection of art. Badu enlightens musical form with her creative passions.

“Telephone,” one of the last tracks on the disc, brings a smooooth and eaaasyyy emotion to the mix. Her words ring true, flowing poetry. Peace of mind is supplied with this fruitful, lengthy addition.

Badu’s hopeful vibe brings this disc full circle. It moves us along, navigating through her brain-waves of thought and confession.

A striking balance is provided in the presence of alluring vocals and steamy instrumentals. The absolute unison of the two becomes the main focus of the album.

Erykah Badu pleases her audiences once again, with her rhythmic, penetrating, soul-sugar.

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