Countdown to kickoff begins

Castleton football has been undefeated since 1787. Then again, Castleton will not have an actual football team until the 2009-2010 season.

Construction on the football field currently dubbed “Spartan Stadium” will start sometime around October and should finish by the start of next season.

From what the players have said, Rich Alercio is looking forward to the beginning of the season and is glad to be Castleton’s first-ever head football coach.

Anyone ever hear of the Shrine game or the North/South game? The Shrine game pits the best football players from Vermont against the best football players from New Hampshire. The North/South game features the best football talent in Vermont, as players representing their respective turfs take on each other. Both games are like All-Star or Pro-Bowl games.

Castleton has five players from the Shrine game on the team as well as ten players from the North/South game. Two players who met each other through those games are Tyler Charron and Ryan Piluski, both of whom play safety for the Spartans.

The two players look at Castleton’s football future and see not only Castleton’s first season, but every play that is going to be written in the record books when that season begins.

“Events like the first reception, first first down, first interception, first touchdown, and first sack are all going to go down in history,” Charron said.

The team currently has roughly 33 players on the roster-the team still needs nearly 100 to fill the roster completely-but many Spartans, including students and faculty, are looking forward to an exhilarating season of football bliss.

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