A newish series on Showtime (it came out last year, I know I’m behind) starring David Duchovny as a once was famous writer but now a man struggling through his midlife crisis and an apatite for women (he’s not a cannibal). Californication, as you may have guessed takes place in LA, California showcasing the life styles of the rich and sort of famous. At first you might think its going to be another 90210 except it’s with adults instead of teenagers. Well I can fortunately say no to that. Californication is a very new and fresh show, making it unlike anything else that is out there. It’s not overly dramatic and it stays close to real situations with a bit of pizzazz mixed in.

The series has characters you love to hate and one’s you love but probably shouldn’t. David Duchovny’s character Hank Moody is a guy that knows what he wants but keeps on making brainless mistakes making him seem like a selfish jerk. Other characters include his ex-girlfriend Karen, his daughter Becca Moody and his agent Charlie Runkler. There are a bunch more but these are the main players.

The first season follows Hank as he tries to get back together with his ex-girlfriend who is the mother of his daughter but his lust for attractive women keep on blind siding him.

It’s a comedy but also a drama. It has the elements of real life where, it’s not all just fun and giggles, there are also those moments where life tends to suck and we get ourselves in these really embarrassing situations.

This show is full of them. It’s not like Curb Your Enthusiasm where the main character keeps on getting himself in deeper trouble ever episode. These characters are life like. They get into bad situations but in turn they also do good things.

Californication is a show that you could relate to. I’m not rich and famous but the situations Hank and his friends and family get into are relatable. Well, maybe not all of them, like being able to pick up woman by just saying hello. That might be a little out there, but for some people, you never know. The exact circumstances that Hank gets in might not be all there with reality but the general themes of them are.

If you can’t relate to the characters than at least you can be happy with the characters. Like I said before, they are very well developed characters. They’re not stereotypes and the people that may seem like they are going to act like morons the whole time, they don’t, and they also have their better side.

Missed the first season? If you have Comcast then you can watch it on demand (that’s what I did) or you can pick up the season one DVD. It may be too late to start watching the first season since season two premieres on Sunday, September 28th. Californication is definitely a must see even if you’re a season behind. Just watch the first season while the second season is going on and when season two is done, start watching that before (hopefully) season 3.

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