First impressions from London

After only a few days in London, here’s what Castleton State College students studying there had to say.Candis Machia and Emily Littler – ‘The architecture alone in London is overwhelmingly beautiful.’

Caleb Manna and Bob Pelletier – ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’ (Borrowed from Samuel Johnson.’

Elsa McLaughlin and Paul Basaillon – ‘English people know more about American politics than most Americans.’

Cherie Pfeiffer and Becky Laird – London has more history in one little cobblestone than our entire nation.’

Caitlin Gagner and India Hammerslough – “It’s massive, yet beautiful.”

Allie Duda and Janeea Choiniere – “We’re glad we didn’t grow up here because then these buildings would hold no awe for us.”

Pat Shortle and Keith Goulette – “Getting lost is a great way to find your way.”

Andrew McDuff and Glynnis Cronin – “Friendship is temporary, but London is forever.”

Tori Vondle and Bryn Williams — “London is the elegant way of life.

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