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Sage Francis never ceases to amaze. With the release of his newest, and arguably his most powerful album to date, he hits the notes dead on. He’s real. He’s where it’s at. He’s a legit artist with street cred and life experience. ‘Human the Death Dance,’ released in May 2007, is raw. It’s sarcastic and vengeful with the inflection of a certain vulnerability.

He’s very aware of our society’s circumstance and how he fits into all of it. He’s blunt and purposeful in every word. He’s a poet with a steel fist, and an expert lyricist.

“Underground for Dummies,” track two, proves to be the cream of one impressive crop. With everlasting clarity, it’s like seeing the world through Sage’s eyes. He invites you into his mind of twisted lines. It’s purely euphoric and he doesn’t hold back. It’s the infallible accompaniment to a hot shower in the a.m.

‘Human the Death Dance’ is executed brilliantly. The beats and instrumentals peak fiercely. The build-up is an orgasm of sound, leaving the sweet taste of victory in your mouth. His lyrics hit hard, leaving you wanting more like: I’ve fallen head first into the pit of my stomach, taught to trust my gut, got no trust in the gutless.”

‘Human the Death Dance’ is lined with gold. A journey of understanding. Sage finds himself in his words, and in listening to this album it’s made clear.

With each line, you think, “he can’t possibly one-up himself this time” and he does. Sage Francis shatters the mold with his greatest to date, earning the respect he’s always deserved.

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