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Here’s a movie almost any college student could relate too. Is it because it’s about college? No. Studying hard, getting good grades? Absolutely not. It’s about getting high.

But not like Cheech and Chong, more like if Jason Statham (“Death Race”) was in a stoner movie. These stoners were lighting up and shooting up, not with needles but with guns. What if Michael Mann made a stoner movie? This is it, sort of.

“Pineapple Express,” much to my disappointment, has nothing to do with the migration patterns of pineapples nor is it about a train called Pineapple Express. This movie is about a stoner, Dale Denton and his stoned drug dealer, Saul Silver, getting chased by an evil drug lord and his goons because Silver witnessed a murder. While this is happening, the two are always high or getting high. And of course, the movie was completely realistic. Everything made sense — if you were high.

The creative minds that brought you “Superbad” have done it again with “Pineapple Express.” The film might not have as memorable lines as “Superbad,” but it is definitely quite creative. Combining a stoner movie and an action movie provides a fresh look at an old topic.

This is a far better approach than what some of the other movies are taking such as the movie, “College,” which is obviously a complete rip-off of “Animal House” and every other movie about college that came before it.

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg could have made a movie about two guys getting stoned as a cheap cash-in, but they didn’t. They actually used their imagination and made a refreshing comedy. I’ve never really been too big of a fan of stoner movies since I never really understood the point of them, but PE struck home with me.

Not that I could relate to it, but it reached out and tickled my funny bone. This movie was funny because it was supposed to be funny, not because it was so bad it was funny, which lately I’ve seen a lot (“Death Race”).

The story did follow the Hollywood formula story (they got a problem, they start to solve, not sure if they can anymore, regain hope, big climatic scene, end of movie) but it saved it’s self with it’s ending. I won’t say what happens but it’s perfect.

I can’t wait for more work by Seth and Evan and I hope it’ll be just as good or maybe even better. Don’t go see “College” or “House Bunny.” Those movies are boring and stale. You can tell just by watching the trailer that they are stale, cheap, reruns but with different actors. If you want to watch a movie about going to college go back to the classics and watch “Animal House.”

Not only was PE funny but it also teaches you something about what it means to be a good friend and don’t abuse drugs. They never said don’t use drugs just don’t abuse them. So in a way this movie is comedy, action, stoner and educational. You can learn about friendship, inner city crime, and the drug industry.

The really funny thing is, after the movie I was pretty hungry.

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