Beth is back

She’s back! That’s right Beth Crosby is Castleton alum from the class of 2006 and she’s returned to the nursing program and will be a member of the class of 2010. Crosby chose to return to CSC because “I knew I could get a good education at Castleton because I did before. I knew I could get a job after graduation because I did before.”

The first time around Crosby majored in communication with a specialization in public relations, and she minored in business administration. She landed a job right after graduation as the Communications Director of Addison County Chamber of Commerce.

“I really liked it. I had my own office. I called it my little cave. During that time I met a lot of great people, grew up, and learned a lot about people.” she said. But Crosby didn’t like the politics of public relations and she really wanted to make more money. So she decided to go back to college and pursue what she really wanted to do with her life. nursing.

Andy Mayer the Executive director of ACCC said that Crosby was on the job for two years and praised her job performance. He said “she took the leadership roll on many projects. We were sorry to see her go, but happy she figured out what she wanted to do with her life. Something she is passionate about. We wish her the best.”

Asked why she chose nursing Beth replied “I always cared about people. Blood, guts, and gore doesn’t bother me, bring it on!” She also said that while the income was not the primary factor for choosing her new profession it really helped.

It is all possible because she received the Freeman’s Scholarship of $7500 a year. To be eligible Crosby must be a full time student, and she had to agree to work in Vermont for two years after graduation. She was glad to do both because with out the scholarship she could not have come back.

Susan Farrell Castleton’s director of nursing studies said while it was too early in the academic years to know which student Crosby was in the new “sea of faces”. She said “it makes since for alum to come back to CSC because they already have their bachelor’s degree and they don’t have to do any of the gen-ed classes.” Farrell also said that the “transition is much easier than choosing another college.”

Sally Koch a class mate of Crosby’s talked about how the transition for her was made much easier by Crosby’s outgoing positive personality. Crosby took Koch under her wing at the orientation back in July and has been supportive and helpful ever since.

“With out a doubt I would have been lost with out her. She helped me with my schedule and she really helped me feel less intimidated and lost. She made me more comfortable.”

Crosby herself certainly appears comfortable back on campus. Sitting at the one of the new picnic table outside of the coffee cottage reminiscing about her first experience at CSC Crosby’s joy of being back on campus is reflected in her wide grin and happy eyes. She says her favorite professors were Tom Conroy, Peter Kimmel, and David Blow.

Crosby says she likes the new gazebo it’s a good place to come cool off after a class in Leavenworth on a warm September day, “Leavenworth was hot then and is still hot today.”

Professor Conroy remembers Crosby fondly as a “great person and a fantastic student.” Leaning back in his office chair he smiled broadly, “we’re glad she’s back”, he said.

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