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March 20 was supposed to be the first day of spring but the only signs I’ve seen so far, are geese returning from their vacation. I also saw a cute little bird outside my apartment and it made me hopeful. Spring is needed, not only for the warm weather, but also because our spirits need to be raised. Mine certainly do. I feel like I should be in hibernation, but things keep crashing down and I have to deal with them.

One of my class projects is proving to be a nuisance. I had to direct a ten minute scene, however, both my actors were not available at the same time, therefore, I couldn’t get as much work done right away. Then, one of them confesses she is not able to be in it after all, due to other class obligations, as well as directing her own scene.

I totally understand. Believe me. With all my obligations, it would be dumb to condemn someone else for having them as well. Plus, she found me someone to replace her, and that’s more than a lot of people would do. So, thanks again to her and the actress replacing her.

Insert smiley face here.

On another note, mid-term grades were in, and I discovered that I was failing a course I had dropped. I immediately contacted the registrar’s office to find out what the hell was going on.

I had dropped the course to avoid failing that or any other class, so to find out it was still on my schedule was a surprise. After speaking to a few people, the error was corrected.

I’ve been looking into a few options, career wise, and I’m still not feeling much better about being a journalism student in Vt. There isn’t a strong need for us, honestly.

Aside from all of the usual school related scary stuff, I have my internship, which is all right. I wish I had realized how little reporting I wanted to do in my life.

Perhaps this time could be better spent doing something I might want to delve into after graduation, but hindsight is 20/20. Make the most of what you have now and worry about the future when you are presented with it.

As someone once told me, spin the plate that is about to fall.

I’m exhausted. I want to sleep forever, but alas, I am tethered to the campus for most of my day, and the rest is spent in Rutland for various research reasons. I am taking some pictures in Rutland Sat. Mar. 22, and the Herald has expressed interest in some of them.

I still have that anxiety of not being good enough; I’ll submit something and will be told that it wasn’t being used after all. Am I the only one? It is a tragedy when you are listening to the soundtrack of your Mahjong game for some comfort and relaxation.

My thoughts are random, I’m trying to not let them all in. Sadly, I’m a worrier. The last year of my college career is being spent freaking out and hiding under my covers. Now I am thinking about my bed and how great it would be to crawl into it and lay my head on my pillow.

I feel like I’ve hardly spent time with my bed lately; I’ve gotten up early and gone to bed late, and never in pursuit of social fun. Usually due to schoolwork and other obligations.

There are probably a lot of people reading this who are thinking that this is what they deal with all the time. Well, it’s new to me for the most part, and I am hoping that the knowledge that someone else is dealing with this will help.

I spoke with someone a few days ago who had been here at the same time as me (back in 2004) and he had graduated with his degree, but after trying a few things out, decided he needed to return to Castleton for a second degree. Moral: it’s never too late, and even if it sucks having to return and spend more money on education, at the least, you’ll end up being happy in your career. One would hope.

On that note, here’s an excerpt I hope will help.

“My socks and shoes always match/Is it luck?/ There’s a foot at the end of each of my legs/ Is it luck?/ There was food inside your mouth today/ Is it luck?” Primus – “Is It Luck?

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