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Hello everyone.
Wow. I’m the first one to be posting a blog entry.
We’re hoping to get this thing off and running with at least three different writers, who will be updating the blog daily. Just gotta find the writers… I guess I’m not alone as far as that predicament is concerned. So anyway,

Today wasn’t the most fun day to travel onto campus. Snow and slush make for wonderful parking and driving conditions. No classes today though, which is nice, I’ve just got some homework to do.
Yes, I said no classes today, and No, none of mine were canceled. Truth be told I never have class on Tuesday. I swear, I’ve got the best schedule on campus:

Monday: 3 classes
Tuesday: No Classes
Wednesday: 4 classes
Thursday: No Classes
Friday: 1 class.

Including the independent study I’m taking that’s a total of 15 credits in three days of school. Not too shabby.

Can anyone compete with THAT 15 credit schedule? I think not. But if you do have something even easier than that more power to you, and let me know about it. Let’s see if we can get an “easiest schedule on campus” contest going on in the comments section.

Anyway, I’ve got more work to do. Unfortunately I’ve found that with my two days off I’m either at work all day or doing homework (that is if I don’t get sidetracked by Madden 08 when I’m supposed to be studying). Today it’s the latter.

More from me later.

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