Monday, Monday

Christ its cold outside. Remember back in November when everyone was looking forward to the snow and the cold? While waiting the 15 minutes for my car to warm up I couldn’t help but question the love for all of the sub-freezing temperatures (I know, I know, I shouldn’t be in VT if I mind the cold). I generally don’t look forward to the frozen precipitation that winter brings. The only thing I was looking forward to this winter was in January and February: the NFL playoffs. But after that Super Bowl I’m not sure if I can invest myself that deeply in any professional sports team again.
Question to all of you Giants fans: where was all of your team gear before they won the big game? As soon as the morning after Black Sunday (that’s the new term for the greatest disappointment in SB history) I saw at least 20 Giants hats, hoodies and T’s. Go bandwagon fans, go!
So anyway, during the two weeks it has taken me to recover from the harshest Boston sports loss since Grady Little I did manage to plan to grab some Celtics tickets.
Speaking of basketball both the men’s and women’s teams here at CSC have won 4 of their last 5 according to the Athletics section on the CSC site. Not too shabby. I haven’t managed to make it to a game yet, sorry, but I am definitely planning on it. It is the best sport to watch live in the college and pro levels, I’m kind of ashamed I haven’t caught a game yet.soon though, soon.
For now. more classes, more homework. Go Spartans.

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