Smokers, skateboarders annoy dorm dwellers

Standing under the second floor balcony of Babcock Resident Hall to escape from the pouring rain, Caitlyn McKenna puffs a cigarette. She is one of the many students who occasionally gather on Babcock Circle to enjoy a cigarette. This smoke drifts into the windows of students, and has led a few students to complain to Christie Wilkerson, the area coordinator of Babcock and the houses.

Recently, Wilkerson filled the Circle with a chalk drawing, reminding smokers to stay off of the patio when smoking.

“Smoke travels,” Wilkerson said, explaining why she drew it. “I don’t have anything against smokers.”

Former Babcock Community Advisor Kim Deckers didn’t like walking through the smoke to get into the building, but both agree that a casual reminder to smokers to step away usually solves the problem.

“Be open and respectful. Smokers have rights too,” Wilkerson said.

A smoker who lives in Castleton Hall closes her window when smoke drifts in. She believes that if a bench were set out behind Castleton Hall away from the door, people would gravitate towards the designated spot.

“I forget [about the fifteen feet rule], especially when it’s cold,” she said. “I definitely agree we should step back.”

The chalk drawing was a one of the “creative methods” that Wilkerson would rather use than continuously vocalizing the plea.

“It definitely drew a crowd and got people talking,” Wilkerson said, laughing as she recounted how the rain washed it away the next day.

Skateboarders have also been drawing the ire of some dorm residents.

A group of skateboarders were hanging out behind Castleton Hall at midnight on a recent Wednesday night, casually smoking and skating back and forth. After a few minutes, a Public Safety officer sent them inside, where they willingly went.

Public Safety officer Morey Floyd said that he has been called a couple of times about students not being able to sleep due to the skateboarders, but a quick reminder later and the skateboarders will relocate or go inside.

Deckers, who has been known to scream at skateboarders to relocate during a professor’s lecture, is glad that skateboarders will soon have a new skate park to go to.

“You can’t tell them not to skateboard, but it will get them out of our hair,” Deckers said.

While she isn’t mad at the skateboarders, realizing they have no other place to go, Deckers doesn’t like being disturbed at night while trying to sleep in Babcock.

She isn’t the only student losing sleep from the skateboarders.

“They drive me f***ing crazy,” Shea Bigsby, who lives in Castleton Hall, said.

Bigsby recalls yelling at the skateboarders late at night.

“When it gets to be about two in the morning,” she said about her outburst, “I get pretty b*tchy.

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