Queens drag in students

Several One in Ten members prepared early for the first annual Fireside Drag show. Little did president of One in Ten Laura Olson know, it was going to be a sensational hit. The drag show started early in Olson’s Adams suite with several other CSC students dressing in clothing not common to their bodies.

Some enjoyed the experience. One girl mentioned how “freeing” men’s pants felt, while Babcock’s well known Community Advisor Ray Boule really enjoyed his short gold dress and water balloon breasts that he found bounced well to the music.

Once the girl’s facial hair was drawn on perfect and guy’s breasts were settled in their short term home, it was off to Fireside to meet with the real stars of the show.

A busy Fireside Café was quickly redesigned into a stage and catwalk with what seemed like plenty of seats.

Those with fresh meals who took their seats had no idea what they were about to witness.

Eight o’clock came, the lights came down low, and Fireside’s stage was stolen.

The fabulous Wineva of Boston approached the stage in a leopard skin bathing suit and the packed room erupted in cheers.

The moves that Wineva had were enough to make girls in the audience drop their jaws. Amy Mollnow even said, “I can’t even move like that in heels.”

Soon after Wineva’s first crowd raising performance, she was followed by a blond bombshell named Lola.

Lola’s blond locks bounced smoothly side to side as she strutted up the catwalk catching the attention of students coming in for food.

It wasn’t long into Wineva’s Dancing Queen performance that the café was so packed with all different types of people that tables became seats.

The only downside to the show was a not so reliable CD that decided to skip, which the lovely Lola went along with and jittered her face as though it was planned. The problem was soon fixed with a new song, and the show went on.

Each of our 6 foot plus babes took the stage 4 or 5 times and impressed the crowd more each time.

After a few sexily received tips and a stolen kiss, the girls curtsied and left the stage with a roar from the crowd and a standing ovation.

Everyone wanted to visit with the two and thanked them and requested their return next year.

Someone in the large crowd asked if they had fun and Wineva replied, “as long as all of you had fun, I had fun.

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