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Deborah Jackson is the Math and Science specialist at the Academic Support Center located in the bottom of Babcock Hall. If you are ever having trouble in a math or science class, she is the person to see. As well, she is very helpful when it comes time to passing those standardized tests that most of us fear. Don’t struggle or worse, fail. Instead, go see Deb; she can help!Q. What did you want to be growing up?
A. (Smiling) “I actually always wanted to be a teacher.”

Q. Where did you go to school?
A. I went to the University of New York at Geneseo for my undergraduate work and then I went to RPI and SUNY Albany for my graduate work.”

Q. How did you end up at Castleton?
A. “Hmm . I worked 10 years at Green Mountain and then I found myself without a job. Soon after a full-time position opened up here and I felt that it was a good move.”

Q. How long have you worked here?
A. “Five years this January.”

Q. What are some of your major job responsibilities?
A. “As the math and science specialist, I help students who are having trouble in their math courses or other related topics having to do with quantitative work. I also supervise the math and science tutors.”

Q. What is your favorite part of your job?
A. (Smiling) “Definitely working with the students.”

Q. Is it true that you bake cookies every day to bring in?
A. (Laughing) “Not everyday, but most days.”

Q. How did that start?
A. “I wanted to create a more inviting atmosphere to get students in here. Then it became an obligation because once you start something you have to continue with it. (Laughing) I never thought that people would think of me as a baker!

Q. Do you have a particularly memorable moment or event in your career?
A. (Pausing) “I don’t think I could pick out a specific student. It’s just very rewarding to get students past an obstacle like the dreaded Praxis tests or the GRE. (Laughing) But there have been some entertaining characters who have come through here!”

Q. Do you have any hobbies?
A. All my free time is spent with my son, that’s my favorite thing to do right now.

Q. Do you have any words of wisdom for students?
A. “Just to work up to their potential. I like to see people do what they are capable of.

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