New job, more work

Since July first of this year, Dennis Proulx has been leading a much busier life with his new position as associate dean of students. Until July, Proulx was the director of Residence Life and supervised all aspects dealing with the residents on campus and the buildings they reside in.

His promotion to associate dean of students didn’t lead to a new job as much as it just added to his already heavy workload.

According to Proulx, he now has to oversee the contract with Aramark, the food service company on campus, as well as the Campus and Events Office, which primarily deals with the use of the campus facilities when students are gone.

The college did however add a fourth area coordinator to make Proulx’s job a little easier.

With Dean of Students Greg Stone (Proulx’s new boss) coaching the women’s hockey team this season, it would be impossible for him to deal with all the duties of dean of students and attend to the needs of the hockey team simultaneously. So it was deemed necessary to find a way to keep someone in the office at all times.

Proulx’s promotion solved this problem. And according to Stone, Proulx was an excellent candidate for the position and it was “an easy expansion of his job”.

And even with the extra duties and busier schedule Proulx enjoys the job.

“It gives me a broader understanding of the campus,” say Proulx “and snapshot of being dean of students if I ever wanted to pursue the position in the future.

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