Fashion 101

Okay, so the seasons have started to change, the semester is more than half over and we are still in “messy mode” when we head to class. I can deal with the hats on backwards, and I can ALMOST handle the baggy sweatshirts, but I seriously am going to have to take a Valium in regards to the “sweatpants to class” look. But, I will have to deal and move on. As a campus, if we are going to continue to the trend of wearing sleepwear to class, at least lets make it accessories in a way that makes it look like they came from Prada, Missoni or D&G. What’s hot: Our what’s hot section is the new accessory color for the winter season. No longer are bronze, silver and gold shades of your Olympic glory, but they are now the hot colors for bags, jewelry and shoes. Metallics are HOT! So, ladies that are going to wear sweatpants to class, at least dress up those sweats with a metallic bag. Just another thought about metallics….if you are driving on Route 4 and you fly off the road in a snowstorm at least the rescue will be able to find the shiny metallics….so they can be a beacon of light for you instead of having to eat your own arm to survive and you will be “high fashion” while awaiting a rescue.

What’s not: Ok boys! Let’s focus on you and give the girls a break for the moment. I am totally okay with you looking like you just rolled out of bed and putting a hat on and heading out the door. BUT AT LEAST SHAVE YOUR FACE! A clean-shaven face is one of the hottest things going right now. There are numerous ways to achieve this look, but using an electric shaver is not one of them! Wash your face with a cleanser, to open up those pores. Use a preshave oil on your whiskers, softening them before you shave. Use some sort of shave gel that has moisturizer in it, and shave with the grain and not against. It will prevent in grown hairs and makes for a better shave. Change your blade after a few shaves and keep it sharp. Close out your shave by using a shave balm that does not have alcohol in it. The alcohol will dry out your face. Who wants a shaved face looking all crusty! So boys…SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE.

Fashion Icon: The easy pick this week is BETTE DAVIS! Not only a style icon but who else has a song and a body part named for her….Kim Carnes rocked us by singing “Bette Davis’ Eyes!” She will forever be one of the most admired beauties from a Hollywood era that focused on glamour and style! Look it up……..

Style Tip: Ladies….I am starting to notice a lot of makeup issues on campus. Not from everyone, so before the hate mail starts pouring in, I wanted to clarify that it is NOT everyone. Some of the ladies on campus have flawless and I mean FLAWLESS technique. KUDOS!!!!!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
1) If you need to refresh your makeup at some point during the day or you are getting that oily mess, so much that you can fry an egg on your forehead, keep a little bottle of toner in your bag. Lightly mist your face with toner and just spray lightly all over and blot with some oil blotting cloths. You can pick them up at any drugstore. ALWAYS finish off this quick technique with some loose powder!

2) Loose powder is our best friend. Even better is translucent loose powder. If you are getting that greasy scalp look and want to cover up quickly, take some of your translucent powder out, brush through over the roots and its a quick and easy cover up!

3) Finally for those frizzy hair days when it looks like Dorothy caught in a twister find a laundromat and grab a dryer sheet. SERIOUSLY! The dryer sheets are a quick and easy way to defrizz and look fabulous in no time at all. Just take a sheet, run through your hair quickly and the static is gone! It really works…..but don’t leave it in there, loose it in your weave and find it a week later girls!

So work the crosswalk like a catwalk, strut your hot self through Huden like it’s a runway and remember to command attention at all times. If you look good you feel good…..and we all want to feel good! There is never a time not to look your best, be it in class, at the dorm or at the DAWG!!!!

Work ladies work!

Divas ’til the end……………..


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