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The Red Sox are in the World Series. The Patriots have the best team in football. The Celtics are a frontrunner to win the NBA Championship this year. And Boston College’s football team could go to the National Title game.It must really feel nice to be a New England sports fan right now.

As a New York sports fan constantly feeling the pain from my teams finding new ways to lose, I will admit that I am jealous. And it’s not just because of the Mets (I’ve finally gotten over it).

New England fans are being spoiled right now with these great teams and consistent performances. I am not saying these teams are flukes, because they are each far from it.

I guess this is the city of Boston and the whole New England region’s time to shine in each of the major American sports.

And it all begins with the 2007 World Series champion Boston Red Sox, who completely dominated the Rockies in every aspect of the game (my prediction of the Rockies winning was way off). General Manager Theo Epstein knew what it took to build a championship team again, and had the pitching and offense to pull it off.

So congratulations to all you Sox fans, whether you followed the team throughout the season or started to root for them in September. Your offense was strong from top to bottom and Josh Beckett had a season and postseason to remember.

One championship down and a couple more titles to go this year.

For football, your team is by far the best of the bunch. To describe the Patriots, well, they are just scary good.

Take the best quarterback in the NFL with the best offensive line I think I’ve ever seen, and add three top-tier offensive weapons in Donte Stallworth, Randy Moss and Wes Welker; I definitely wouldn’t want to have to try and cover any of those guys.

Welker has turned into one of the league’s elite pass-catchers, Moss is the most athletic player at his position, and Stallworth is a huge burst of speed and great at gaining yards after the catch.

Then there’s Tom Brady, the guy who makes these receivers look godly on a weekly basis. Can we give him the MVP already? Whenever I watch Chad Pennington play, I always try to imagine Brady with Gang Green instead of the beaten-up QB with no arm whatsoever.

And how about the Boston College football team?

With a Heisman trophy candidate in quarterback Matt Ryan and head coach Jeff Jagodzinski in his first season with the team, the Eagles are undefeated and ranked second in the country, behind only Ohio State.

It is not out of the question for this team to be playing in the national championship game. They have already beaten good teams in Virginia Tech and Wake Forest, and I personally believe they should be ranked ahead of Ohio State.

Finally, the Boston Celtics have three superstar players and could be the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

I actually root for the Celtics and can not wait to see how Garnett, Allen and Pierce coexist. They should be playing well into the playoffs after adding Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen during the off-season.

Why can’t New York sports teams have this success?

Bold Prediction: Patriots beat the Colts in the battle of unbeatens this week.

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