Feelin’ Floydian

Roger Waters is a pompous prick. There. I said it. And I meant it.

The man is responsible for pulling one of the greatest concept albums of all time out of his pasty English ass- Pink Floyd’s The Wall- but he’s still a carnivorous butt boil.

I love him anyway- but it pisses me off.

That being said, I’m an uber-psycho-religious-fanatical-follower-of-the-Floyd. Few bands can get my rocks off as well as they do. They’re my muse, my shoulder to cry on, my Johnny-on-the-goddamned-spot.

Some people pray to Jesus. I pray to David Gilmore and his Strat.

Those of you who agree can join me in a great big AMEN if you’d like. Because there are lots of you. I know it.

We dig our Floyd. Few bands rise above the cliques of college as well as they do. I’ve seen jocks, emos, brains, and Dead-heads unite under the banner of Floyd.

College is one great, big, Breakfast Club of Floydian Followers.

That being said, I wonder how many of you were around CSC a few years ago, when a Pink Floyd “tribute” band, aptly named The Machine, tore down the walls of the FAC with their dead-nuts-on assault of all things Floyd.

We tripped and fell backwards into the 70’s. The show was complete with all the sights, sounds, and should-be-legal-smells of a psychedelic rock spectacle.

It was a long, strange, trip indeed- and it was FREE.

But of course, few students showed up to the event. The FAC had more empty seats than a WNBA game. But this was not because of lack of interest. HELL NO!

It was due to the college’s constant inability to promote anything worthwhile to the student body in a timely manner. The event’s “publicity” consisted of an email and a few flyers across campus, posted no more than a freakin’ day before the show was to kick off.

I heard more about Tuesday’s menu of pulled pork sandwiches at Huden than I did about this show.

I just don’t understand it. Why spend the school’s money to bring an awesome band to Castleton, but then cop-out where it counts and short-change the event’s publicity?

Crack and Cookies! This was a FREE show people!

This wasn’t Reel Big Fish, CSC’s latest attempt to bring a “name” band to campus. Granted it was a good idea, but like most good ideas, it was overshadowed by a teeny brain-fart bastard of a bad one:

Students are cheap. For most, a sixer of Bud is more precious than a $20 concert ticket.


Which leads me to my point: Bring back The Machine.

They’re based in New England and tour VT all the time. They’re cheaper than most bands. Their appeal, if you market it CORRECTLY this time, is far greater than those nameless playing-to-one person acts that we pay to perform in Fireside every other night.

You’re looking for a way to keep students engaged in a social atmosphere outside of their dorms?

Give them something they’ll actually WANT to see. And do it right.

Bring the noise. Bring the Floyd. And make it FREE.

Cuz, money, or so they say, is the root of all evil today.

Gimmie a bassline!

Doom doom dah doom, doom doom doom doooom doom.

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