Why they come to Castleton

Sixty-five percent of the student population that makes up Castleton State College is from Vermont.So how about the 49 states? Who comes to Castleton from outside the Green Mountain state and why?

Choosing the perfect college is key in starting your future life on the right path. Castleton State College is thelf proclaimed “small college with a big heart,” but who’s to say everyone enjoys the small town hospitality of the town of Castleton?

An informal survey of students from various states other than Vermont shows that people decide to come to CSC for a variety of different reasons – and most say they are happy with the path they have chosen.

“I am looking into getting a job giving tours. I would like to give tours . I love it here!” freshman Andrew Hicks from Connecticut said enthusiastically.

Hicks is on the Cross Country team as well as the ski team. When asked if sports we’re a vital part of college, he said, “Oh yeah, sports make everything in college.”

Hicks looks forward to spending all four years here and enjoying every minute of it.

Amanda Cole, a freshman at CSC, is originally from New Jersey, but moved to New York before attending Castleton. Like many, her first impression of the people at Castleton was that they are very friendly. She admits she came to Castleton as an escape from New York and a chance to experience independence. So far, she has enjoyed her experience immensely.

Unlike Cole, Shannon Thomas, a freshman, had a best friend who went to Castleton and was a year ahead of her.

“I do not think having a friend here made it easier because I am not friends with any of her friends. We do our own thing but hang out just on our own,” said Thomas.

Thomas also agreed that CSC is full of friendly people and helpful professors. She also believes that joining sports and clubs plays a key factor in being successful at Castleton.

Thomas has lived in New Jersey, Connecticut, and upstate Vermont.

Going against Thomas’ beliefs,’ sophomore Zach Dean believes that having a friend your first year of college would make things easier.

“You would know that one of your friends is right there by your side going through the same exact thing,” Dean said.

Dean grew up in Tennessee, Mississippi, and most recently Connecticut. Compared to West Hartford, Conn., Dean says Castleton is extremely rural. He expressed a genuine liking for the state of Vermont.

“Vermont just seemed like the place for me to be,” said Dean.

Vanessa Carter is a senior from Summerstown, Ontario. Reminiscing back on her first day of college, she said although her home town was small like Castleton, it was an adjustment.

“My hometown (Summerstown) is actually quite like Castleton, however, Cornwall is very close to Summerstown as Rutland is to Castleton and I have to admit that there’s much more to do in Cornwall then in Rutland,” she said.

Rutland seems to be the popular place to go around here and has even picked up the nickname Rut Vegas.

Carter admits that her freshman year was difficult because it was her first time ever leaving home and she did not know anyone at CSC. Carter continued on to say as the years progressed, it became easier and easier to come back because she knew there were people waiting for her to come back.

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