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So you’ve followed the game series, read the comic book, the novels and bought the action figures. You pretty much live and breathe the Resident Evil franchise and couldn’t wait to see the movies.

The first one was pretty good-a bit distant from the game, but not bad for a movie on its own. You saw the second one. Not that great was it? It was a bit too much like the game, especially the dialogue-“Look a helicopter! Maybe it has something we need!”

But now the third movie is made. The first two movies were (loosely) based on the games so the third one must be too.right? Wrong.

Resident Evil: Extinction is far from the game. Going rouge with its own plot (for the exception of a little bit taken from the Alien movies), it strays from the game. The only connections it has are the zombies, the umbrella corporation, and a couple characters. So if you’re a big fan of the games, don’t expect any cut scenes from the games.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie, because its not. Resident Evil: Extinction is definitely better than the second RE movie. The plot is about as sparse as the landscape it takes place on, but if you’re a fan of post apocalyptic movies and/or the Mad Max series than you’ll most likely enjoy this one too.

The movie draws from the game though; it still has some cheesy dialogue and far-flung action sequences. Being a fan of zombie movies, the battle scenes with the zombies were pretty good, but I was hoping for some more Night-of-the-Living-Deadesque scenes (if you don’t know what I mean than watch the move).

The development of the character Alice is pretty interesting as well. She started off as this confused security agent changing to an ESP-Kung-Fu-killing-machine. It’s good to see a character change and develop (in other ways as well as in ESP and Kung Fu) instead of being the same person but a different plot and costume.

The story line of the movie propelled the overall story forward connecting the previous two movies. It’s better than a story line that is on its own and seems like an episode for a TV show.

It is interesting to pay attention to what the filmmakers are trying to say through it. This movie could easily be compared to the occupation of Iraq. The movie takes place in a world that is void of life and is one big desert, kind of like Iraq. The characters of the movie have to fight to survive and are being hunted down by an evil corporation and zombies. The soldiers in Iraq have don’t have to fight zombies, but they are fighting an opposing force they don’t want around.

The goal of the band of survivors is to get out of the wastelands and find a sanctuary. With that bit of story line, the makers of the film can be saying that the US troops need to be getting out of Iraq or the “wasteland.” If by chance any of that adds up, than it’s good too see an action horror movie make connections to the real world to give the movie further meaning.

To wrap it up RE: Extinction is not a bad movie like Robot Monster. It is what it is; some people will like it and some will just hate it. RE: Extinction is a horror movie that serves plenty of scares and action scenes with jacked up monsters. It’s not for everyone but if you want to be entertained by staring at a screen for 90 minutes then go watch Resident Evil: Extinction.

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