Fireside Cabaret: witty and fun

The cast of the Fireside Cabaret entertained audiences with songs, skits and talent, including their very own Spartan Cheer, complete with “titties and beer.” From Monday, October 1st through Thursday, October 4, the troupe tickled the funny bones of all who cared to witness humor at its best.

Esteemed members of the Castleton State College staff joined in on the fun. Dean Gregory Stone visited Tuesday night and President David Wolk attended Monday and Thursday night with his wife. Both were wearing a red faced grin happy to be showing their school spirit.

And what would Spartan spirit be without Saturday Night Live’s characters, Craig and Arianna?

Andrew McDuff and Courteny LaFlamme portrayed the famous characters to a T and enthusiastically coaxed people into joining their eating contest. On the first night, President Wolk was their first victim and the pair cheered him into eating a hot dog. McDuff recalls that none of the cast members realized that Wolk was Jewish, but he ate the hot dog anyway.

Not to be outdone, three cowboys warned young students about the dangers of drinking with your parents. “Don’t look now, your mom’s got her boobs out,” a catchy country-style tune which evokes laughter and hoots, but no hooters.

The rest of the set was filled with serenades and tributes, including one written and sung by Tori Vondle, which says what any young lover is thinking: sometimes you love someone so much you want to kill them.

Another out of the ordinary song was performed by Ken Holmes and was truly one of a kind. He serenaded his love, not caring what others thought. Sometimes forbidden love is the best kind. His “lady friend” was present to receive her praises.

His lady love, scantly clad, her hair carefully made up, her skin smooth like.plastic?

A blow up doll graced the stage as Holmes sang a wonderfully tantalizing tune praising his inflatable darling. Julian DeFelice played the piano for the tune and provided stellar melodies as he tickled the ivories for the majority of the songs.

Tirzha Osmun Palmer went out with a bang using bad makeup, bad hair and bad lip synching to pull off an almost uncanny Britney Spears impression to the classic tune, “Hot Stuff.”

All eyes were on these performers, all of which were perfectly cast and very well prepared. The audience members understood completely what a once in a lifetime event they were witnessing.

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