Can’t get enough of Halo 3?

The weekend of Sept. 28 was parents’ weekend, a chance to rekindle with my parents and younger brothers. But along with my family and care package goods came none other than the video game, Halo 3. I guess driving seven hours from Maryland can be a long drive without the comforts of home – like a video game chock full of violence.

“It’s the best on yet,” said my younger brother, Jamie, as he frantically searched his book bag to find the game moments after arriving. Both brothers couldn’t wait to get the game set up in the hotel room.

Although this was my first time really watching Halo 3, I have played previous versions of the game and I could immediately tell this one was by far the best.

Halo 3 may have traveled up to Vermont with my younger brothers, but it was by no means the only copy on campus. It’s going strong in dorm rooms at Castleton State College since its release date on Sept. 25.

Walking through the residence halls, you can always hear or see intense gaming going on – and Halo 3 is a favorite.

Sophomore Chris LaPointe said some of the major differences with this version include extended theater clips and the new additions to multiplayer. He also said the maps are one of the best parts of the game because of the great detail.

“Because it’s Gods’ gift to man,” LaPointe said jokingly when asked why everyone plays it.

Freshman Adam Guzman thinks the weapons, vehicles and the new quad are some of the main improvements. The best part of the game to him is the gravity hammer. Guzman also jokingly admits that it’s a lot of fun just being able to shoot things.

The multiplayer option is what freshman Mike Campbell cited as a great addition. He thinks it’s fun being able to play on teams against each other.

According to a recent review written by Matt Slagle, an AP technology writer, Halo 3 completely makes up for the let down of Halo 2. Slagle says Halo 3 answers all previously wondered questions in a detailed narrative and gives a sense of closure. He, like Guzman here at Castleton, says in his review that he thoroughly enjoys the Gravity Hammer.

This is a weapon that when swung turns enemies into a ‘bloody pile of their former selves,’ he says.

The game is such a hit here at Castleton that later in the year Residence Life hopes to have a tournament for the students.

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