You can’t stop the beat

While warming up, the members of the Castleton State College Dance Crew focus on separate tasks and stretches, but when their routine begins, they are far from individuals. The ten-piece ensemble, which meets three days a week, hones its dedication, hard work, and talent by choreographing and rehearsing vibrant dance numbers for their self-produced dance show on Nov. 30.

“This is our big event,” said club President Chelsea Hopper of the upcoming performance. “We work really hard to put on a show all by ourselves.”

Yet in spite of their devotion, the Dance Crew is one of the lesser known clubs on campus, considering the fact that they have been around for several years now.

Hopper offers a theory as to why this might be.

“A lot of people don’t really know what we do,” she said of potential dancers and supporters alike. “One of our goals is to really get our name and what we do out there this year.”

Jazz, hip hop, ballet, and lyrical are just a few of the styles that the Dance Crew has under their belt, but the dancers insist that is not all that they are limited to.

“We really just do anything that [the club members] want to do, and we feed off each other’s experience and strong points,” said club Secretary Alissa Meyer.

Adhering to club standards, the Dance Crew does not hold auditions in order to be inclusive to all who are interested, and students can join at any time. However, the current members do request a certain level of commitment from those who may consider joining.

“We’re looking for people with a lot of dedication because we work really hard. It also helps if people know basic dance,” said Hopper.

The club members additionally conceived that many qualified and interested students fail to join the Dance Crew due to lack of free time. However, the dancers diligently set aside the Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday meeting times to rehearse regardless of their own hectic schedules.

“It makes me happy and it’s an outlet,” said club member Becky Schaffrick.

Other club members interjected that dancing is about “enjoying the moment” and “getting away from every day life.”

For non-dancers, Meyer insists that support is the key.

“All it takes to help out is to spread the word and come to the shows,” she said.

The Nov. 30 performance begins at 4 p.m. and will be held in the Casella Theatre in the Fine Arts Center.

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