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With three games in the books, the New England Patriots have been unstoppable and look like the team to beat this season. This is the perfect team: Tom Brady picks the opposition apart with new targets Randy Moss and Wes Welker, their defense is consistently dependable and makes big plays, and the Pats’ coaches know exactly what the other teams are calling.

Now I don’t know how long this has been going on, but does the great Bill Belichick really need to stoop so low as to steal signals using a hidden camera? No wonder why they call him a “master strategist.”

It makes no sense to me why he looked for an “extra edge” and took a big risk that he could have done without. If I had the personnel, quarterback and defense Belichick works with, I would let the season play out as it should and not try to pull unnecessary strings.

I have no problem with teams simply picking off signals from opposing defenses because every team does it. It’s just like steroids in baseball; the majority of players take or have taken steroids, but nothing is proven and the public builds their own opinions.

However, Belicheat and the Pats crossed the line by videotaping the opposing team’s signals and got caught red-handed. And who better to catch him than his former apprentice, Eric Mangenious (Yes I know, I’m a Jet fan).

I lost a lot of respect for the New England Patriots organization and Bill Belichick, who should have been suspended at least two games instead of the fine.

Moving onto America’s favorite pastime, both the Red Sox and Mets picked a great time to get in a funk with only seven games left for them to hold off the Yanks and Phillies, respectively. The Red Sox have already clinched a playoff spot in the AL, while the Mets continue to make fans nervous because their bullpen can not get the job done.

This year seems like the perfect opportunity for the better New York team (the Mets, of course) to make a run in the postseason.

That is if they even get to the playoffs.

Pedro Martinez has given the team a well-needed spark with quality starts and David Wright is having an MVP season if you look at his numbers. If the Mets blow this two-and-a-half game division lead with seven remaining, Willie Randolph deserves the boot.

We have a good sports weekend approaching, with the final games of baseball’s regular season and some clashes between undefeated teams in college football. Too bad my Fighting Irish are the complete opposite of an unbeaten.

I know this is supposed to be a “rebuilding year” without Brady Quinn and other key players from the past two seasons, but Notre Dame has looked terrible on offense in its first four games. Freshman QB Jimmy Clausen can’t get any protection and the team has trouble moving the football downfield.

If someone needs to take the blame for their poor play, fingers should be pointed at Charlie Weis instead of Clausen. The hype machine is taking the necessary rookie bumps and is prepping for a bright career as Notre Dame’s signal-caller, while Charlie has been outcoached in every game so far.

But for now, I need to get more ink so I can change my red “8” tattoo to an “88.” Thanks for making my life even harder, Dale.

Bold Prediction of the Week: Brett Favre gets his touchdown to break the all-time record and the Green Bay Cheeseheads stay undefeated with a win in Minnesota.

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