shadows Fall at Higher Ground

Shadows Fall accompanied All That Remains, Protest The Hero, and The Showdown to enlighten the destructive hearts of metal heads all around the Vermont area on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007, resulting in an epic performance was held at The Higher Ground Ballroom.
The Showdown performed first to an already excited crowd. The gothic ballroom was full and some rambunctious kids had already started a mosh pit in the center of the room.
Protest the Hero turned out to be quite the crowd pleaser with an extremely energetic set.
By the time All That Remains stepped on stage the crowd was ripped and ready to go. All That Remains is most well known for their song SIX which is featured on guitar Hero II.
The lead singer Phil Labonte made a comment in between songs about how it was harder to play Guitar Hero then actual guitar. By the time All that Remains had finished the crowd was sweaty and bloody and couldn’t wait to jump around the sea of bodies for their favorite band yet to come.
Jason Bittner – drums, Matthew Bachand – guitar/vocals, Paul Romanko – bass, Jonathan Donais – lead guitar/vocals, and the amazing Brian Fair – lead vocals walked out to a dazed and manic crowd.
Fair started the set with a dramatic summersault into the crowd. His floor length dreads flew everywhere and several spectators were undoubtedly hit in the face.
Time had become nonexistent; exhaustion no longer existed. The crowd was one with each other. We all sweat the same sweat; we all bleed the same blood. Everyone knew that hours from now they would wake up away from all this: necks in great pain, bruises up and down battered arms, no voice to express what they had experienced, but none of that mattered. It was about the music.

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