Palooza Bonanza a hit

Where can you find tasty treats, back flips, mystery meat, snipers and a non-sexual sexual innuendo game? Programming Palooza week!
This past week, a group of Castleton Community Advisors decided to host a “Palooza week,” in which they offered to entertain the students they monitor. A different event was held each night in hopes of gathering as many students as possible to participate. Each event was meant to be simple, yet fun. The money for the week came out of a collective CA budget. The CA’s tried to keep the cost as “cheap as possible with as much entertainment as we could,” said Brianna Belden, CA of the fourth floor of Babcock.
The week started off with “Mocktail Monday,” held in the informal lounge of the campus center from 8-10 PM. Brenna Nolan of Adams, Alison Lanay of Castleton and Kim Decker of Haskell stood behind a table stocker with juices, snacks and cups, ready to serve. The scene looked dismal at first, but soon students lined up to receive a sugar rimmed pink or green solo cup filled with ingredients of their choice. The mocktails were such a hit that mostly everyone went up for seconds.
“I found this to be a great idea for an event. Free drinks? Hell yeah,” said sophomore Talia Roy.
Tuesday night’s event was the “80’s Super Rad Pool Party,” located at the pool in Castleton Hall. The three CA’s responsible for the party were Sarah Catanese of North House and Jake Rigopolous and Gordon Fields of Ellis. Going from 8-10 PM, students goofed off to the sounds of artists such as Journey. As the party started it seemed as if only guys to be in on the swimming shenanigans, but soon enough, the ladies arrived to get in on the action.
The Eating Contest of Wednesday proved to be quite the competition, hosted by Brianna Belden and Brad Castillo of Babcock, Heather Alley of Ellis, Evan Vomacka of Haskill and Megan Lafromboise of Audet House
The contest began in the amphitheater at 5PM when students began to woof down what was in front of them to the sounds of Modest Mouse and Vanilla Ice. There were four different eating events; Jello, gummy worms and dirt, “mystery meat” and chocolate pie. The majority of the contestants were male, though a few girls made a valiant effort.
Will Colt dominated, winning three out of the four competitions. Jeff Paul won the “mystery meat” portion, which turned out to be a whole can of spam. After the pie eating contest, five students found a piece of paper under their seats. Those five got to pie the five hosting CA’s. An exciting and fun event ended with a splat.
Gaming nerds and geeks alike lined up in Leavenworth at 7 Thursday evening for the Halo Tournament hosted Jazmin Averbuck of Haskill, Matt Digan of Wheeler and Alena Wehof of Morrill. Armed with pieces of Pacman cake and cups of soda, gamers piled into rooms 101-104 to play two on two. Everyone was ready to annihilate each other in order to get one step closer to victory, and the prize, a copy of Halo 3.
Well almost everyone was ready.
“I haven’t had enough energy drinks yet!” said Cody Wilson, freshman.
In the end there was only one winner, Brendon Lacaillade.
To end the week, a group gathered once again in the campus center informal lounge at 8 PM to play a “clean” game of Dirty Minds, a hilarious party game played by giving out three sexually innuendo clues to a team who needs to get their heads out of the gutter in order to guess the answer.

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