Nice to meet you:

Brittany is one of the newest members to the Area Coordinator staff here at Castleton State College. She is in charge of Haskell and Morrill Halls.Birthday? “October 17.”
Hometown? “Winston-Salem, North Carolina.”
Favorite Color? “Blue.”
Favorite Song? “‘Fireflies’, by Laurie McKenna.”
Favorite Season? “Fall, I like the weather and the colors. Thanksgiving and my birthday are in the fall and it is a nice break after a harsh summer.”
Favorite Ice-Breaker? “The banana game. Here’s how it goes. Two teams sit on the ground back to back. When the person deliberating the game taps the first people on the shoulder they squeeze the next person in line’s hand and so on until the first team reaches a banana at the other end of the line. The person that reaches the banana goes to the beginning of the line and so forth until the first team makes a complete circle. It is mushy gooey blaugh fun.”
What was your job before coming to Castleton State College? “I was a student at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).”
How did you end up at Castleton? “Through the Western New York Placement Exchange. I met Dennis Proux, had an interview with him, phone interview with Dan and Michelle, came and visited campus, and I was hooked.”
Do you enjoy living in Vermont? “I do. I think the best part is the terrain. How you can be in a valley one minute and then on the side of the mountain. My favorite is seeing the shadow of the clouds on the mountain side.”
How different is it living in an apartment on campus rather than off? “Ummmm.I don’t mind it. I think [pauses] it’s nice cause its convenient. I can stay longer at the programs rather than having to commute. Its fun. I like living with students.”
Who is the most influential person in your life? “My dad. He was always the person to help people out. He had the best sense of humor. He always encouraged us to be who we are and not worry about what other people think.”
Words of wisdom? “Follow you heart and you’ll end up where you want to be. Students: Don’t fret over the future.

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