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Live In Nimes marks the return of German metal performers Ramstein, who perform some of the greatest hits that have marveled us through the 90s and into the 2000s. With a strong fan base at an astonishing global level, their new album due in 2008 will be sure to please.Live in Nimes features hits like track 2: Reise, Reise, track 12: Du Hast, track 14: Amerika, and track 15: Sonne. Ramstein’s tracks are in German with some bits of English. Reise, reise directly translate to arise, arise with deep lyrics to follow “Arise, arise seaman arise; each does it in his own way. One thrusts the spear into a man

another then into the fish.”

The song Amerika directly pokes fun at American culture. The song mocks how wonderful America is and how it’s taking over every other culture.

“We’re all living in America. Coca-Cola, Wonderbra. We’re all living in America, America, America.”

All of the performances are (as stated in the title) live from their concert in Nimes. The CD is 79 minutes running time and can now be bought off line from many retailers accompanied with a bonus disc that shows performances from France, London, Tokyo, and Russia.

Ramstein has a unique sound that has spread through out the world causing some to fear their moral beliefs and has had religious groups accusing them of demonic possession. One thing is for sure when performing live flame throwers and lighting equipment on fire is just one of the many things you are in to witness.

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