Man seized in women’s shower stall

The Connecticut man who was arrested in the women’s locker room last Wednesday had yet to be arraigned as of Monday due to continued hospitalization.According to a Rutland Herald report last week, court records stated that Jeremy Stevens, 24, of Easton, Conn., who is not a CSC student, was apprehended hiding in a shower stall in the college fitness center.

A campus-wide alert sent to college faculty, staff and students last Wednesday from Communications Director Ennis Duling, said there was no reason to believe there is a connection to the assaults on campus over the past few weeks, and he urged the recipients to “continue to stay safe and to report any suspicious behavior.”

In the Rutland Herald, Castleton Police Chief Bruce Sherwin said that Stevens was charged by Castleton Police with two counts of simple assault, simple assault on a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest.

A number of college students who witnessed Stevens’ arrest said he was put into a police car “kicking and screaming.”

Sherwin added that Stevens also pulled a knife on him at one point.

Police quoted in the Rutland Herald declined to reveal why Stevens has been hospitalized, though they said he was not injured in the incident. Court records stated that attorneys in the case had asked for an evaluation of Stevens for competency and sanity.

This evaluation, as of Monday, has not yet taken place.

This incident occurred just a day after college officials held a public forum on campus safety due to reported sexual assaults on campus.

No arrests have been made in those alleged assaults.

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